Album Review: Dream or Nightmare – Bronnie

Bronnie dropped their new seven song EP “Dream or Nightmare” on Tuesday. Just like the choice of release day, the EP feels bold. Although it has the pop punk sound we all know and love, the release packs enough variation from track to track to make it feel fresh and totally unique.

VanDeRocker – Point Defiance Album Review

VanDeRocker is an American indie rock project led by Adrienne VanDeRocker, who comes from a Dutch-American family of classical musicians in Austin, TX. Being the writer for the project, much of Vanderocker’s classical influence along for her proclivity toward circus and vaudeville can be heard throughout the VDR’s catalog. VDR’s early music was an experimental …

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Other Americans : Self-Titled EP Review

Other Americans is an electro-alternative group from Kansas City, MO consisting of current and former members of The Gadjits, Architects, Radar State, The Late Night Callers and others. While preparing for festivals such as Middle of the Map, and opening for Meg Myers, they were in the studio recording their 6 song, self-titled EP. Today, …

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