Girls Behind the Rock Show is excited to premiere Wyn Doran’s latest single, “Cigarettes.”

In 2018, Doran was selected as one of thirteen songwriters internationally to work with Ben Folds at a songwriting retreat in California. Her soul-tinged songs dig into personal stories of living with chronic illness and heartbreak, and she’s listed Adele and Amy Winehouse as just a few of her influences.

“Cigarettes” is the follow-up single of her first album, “Thick of It.” The song was produced and mixed by Alexander Glover. “I was looking for a specific vibe for it that he really nailed,” Doran says. “It was an honor to work with him.”

Doran’s dark and haunting vocals shine through on the track, as she laments the end of a relationship. “Did you mean it when you left?” Doran asks her lover in the brooding chorus. “Could you feel me when you left?” It’s these questions we ask ourselves as we face the collapse of a love.

Doran explained what the song was inspired by, saying, “I wrote this song out of devastation in a relationship on the brink of dissolving.  Ugly things were said, and fresh out of the fight I was doing some deep reflection on how I could have handled things better.”

The song ends up with the line “for our love, we do our best” over a quiet electric guitar, with Doran’s vocals finishing on a minor note, hinting at the negativity that has been building.

We love this single, and we can’t wait to hear more from Doran!