Carrousel is a fresh LA duo that should be on everyone’s radar. After a month-long residency at LA’s infamous Hotel Cafe, they have released a new ten track album “Magnificent Desolation.” Everything about it is amazing; skipping even one song is out of the question. as each one is so unique. The first track, “Digital Subterfuge,” serves as an introduction to an electrifying release.

The next song, “Psychobabble Drama // Digital Subterfuge Pt. 2,” takes you on a wild ride, throwing you into the album’s electrifying tunes. It brings in the vocals, as well as a surprise saxophone at the end. Throughout the album, there are little surprises sprinkled throughout the songs. The following song, “Exile in NY,” features recorded voicemails at the ending, giving the song a personal feel. It also seamlessly flows into the following track. This song is easily a favorite on the album.

“I Wasn’t Well” begins with simple guitar, a stark contrast to what the theme had been so far – this song is much softer, a welcome surprise following the previous tracks. All throughout the rest of “Magnificent Desolation” there is a top-notch quality of sound, and fresh ideas and thought in each and every song.

The album ends with “Feel Like Going Home” – the perfect closure. It’s a piano ballad that feels like you’re walking down a  long pebble path towards your childhood home, reminiscing and knowing you’re in the right place. This entire album touches upon so many emotions and truly makes you feel one with the artist. There is something for everyone in this album.