Salt Ashes

Feature: Salt Ashes

Salt Ashes is taking her songwriting to the next level with her recently released EP, “counting crosses.” The synth-pop musician meshed disco with club sounds and dark atmospheres, and the combination results in songs that will put you in a trance. We’re excited to interview Salt Ashes and have her describe each song on the album.


“counting crosses” embodies that moment when you discover things aren’t quite working out in the way you’d hoped with a lover, and you’ve come to realise that in fact, you’re not good for them. 

I wrote this song at 3 am with my friend Roseanne, after a heavy night out. We laid down a messy demo in my bedroom with makeup running down our faces, tequila flowing in and out of our glasses, and I recorded the quietest vocal ever as to not wake up my housemates. The demo had this raw charm to it and it was the first track I played to Louis Souyave (EP Producer) when I met him to see if he wanted to work with me. 


I like to say that this song is my declaration that I love being single. That’s not to say I won’t ever be in a relationship but that I’m happy being single and not longing for anything other than that. I feel that there’s a continued assumption that being single is undesired and that most people seek or long for a partner in search for happiness or something, but screw that. I feel strong as a single woman. 


“rara” is about living life hard and doing what you want to do completely unapologetically. I think as long as you’re honest and kind, people should respect your choices. I always want adventure and wildness in a relationship, so I tell them openly and honestly. It’s this wildness that we tried to express within the production. Louis and I made a pact that we wouldn’t do the obvious and instead try something new and unusual. 


This all started off with us messing around on some chords that we said sounded like a Bruno Mars song. It started as a joke but when we listened back to the mess around that we luckily had been recording we actually loved it. I wanted this to be a contrast to the rest of the EP; a light in the darkness and also a moment of reflection. Most of the EP is about me being independent and knowing what I want but, like every human being I have moments of insecurities & doubts so I wanted this little piece to reflect that side of me.