Lauren Jauregui is truly a gift from the moon. 

Fifth Harmony was a HUGE guilty pleasure of mine from 2014 till now, and one of the girls that caught my eye the most was Lauren. As I’ve listened to 5H and followed the girls on social media, I’ve related to Lauren the most. And not only because she was close to my age, but because she always used her voice for topics besides for music. 

And she never held back. 

For the past few years, I’ve always admired Lauren speaking about politics, criminal justice, education, and for what she felt was wrong and what needs to be changed. I’ve admired Lauren speaking up for Women’s Rights and for the LGBT Community. In 2019, Lauren spoke at the Los Angeles’ Women’s March, and spoke about what is expected of women, and how we can use empowerment to battle those expectations. “We’re brought into this world with an empathy bestowed upon us. Young girls blossoming into our mature bodies before we are even taught how to understand them. We’re expected to respect it by what they deem respectable.” 

Aside from speaking about politics and human rights, Lauren also speaks about manifestation, astrology, and self-love, something that I’m continuing to learn daily. Lauren speaking about manifestation, how to care for yourself, and how to be your true self, is something I feel people can learn from. Those who are struggling to find themselves, and those who are questioning if there is good in the world despite the negativity and despite the darkness, can be inspired by Lauren. 

Although she’s only 23, Lauren Jauregui is already creating magic with her words and her music. I can’t wait for her debut album, and I also can’t wait for her to continue using her voice to speak about changing the world, and inspiring people–myself included.