Ali Tamponi

Feature: Ali Tamposi

Ever since I was a kid, I have been interested in songwriting. That fascination has continued through the years. Now I find myself listening to “And The Writer Is…” and spending way too much time looking up who’s writing my favorite songs on repertoire databases, which was how I discovered Ali Tamposi.

I first saw Tamposi’s name when she was credited on a few songs from one of my favorite albums, Youngblood. Actually, she co-wrote my top played song of 2019: Lie To Me by 5 Seconds Of Summer. I’ve listened to that song more times than I’d like to admit, but it really is one of my favorites (thanks for that song Ali). Now when I see her name credited on a record, I get excited because I know how incredible of a songwriter she is. She’s been called a hitmaker, and that’s the best way to describe her in my opinion.

Women are highly underrepresented in the music industry and songwriting is no exception. USC Annenberg found that over the past 8 years, only 12.5% of songwriters were female.* Which is why Ali Tamposi is so important. Seeing her name on some of my favorite songs and on so many Top 10 hits is so inspiring to me as a woman.

Spotify calls songwriters Secret Geniuses, and that’s exactly what Tamposi is: a genius. Her catalogue is incredibly impressive and ranges from Beyoncé all the way to Ozzy Osbourne. She signed her first production deal at 14. At 19 she got a Beyoncé cut. By 22 she had a Multi-Platinum, Grammy Nominated Record. She battled addiction, got sober, and came back to write multiple number ones and multi-platinum hits. She truly is a force and no one can stop her.

As a young woman in this industry, it’s incredible to see what Ali Tamposi has done. She is only 30, and has already accomplished more than most ever will in their entire lifetime. I’ve always thought songwriters were the unsung heroes of the industry and she definitely is one of my heroes. Music, and this industry, wouldn’t be the same without her incredible talent. 

If you didn’t know Ali Tamposi before, you definitely knew her music. Check out her Spotify songwriters page. I can guarantee you know some of her songs. Like I said, she’s a hitmaker.

*From a sample of the 800 most popular songs