EMM is a self-made artist in every sense of the word. Moving out of her home at the age of 16, she discovered her voice not only musically, but in her own personal sense as well. In the early 2010s, EMM worked with high profile producers, labels and teams, only to find toxic and demeaning energy. 

Trusting herself, EMM created her own empire and has never looked back. EMM has an ever-growing fan base due to her unique music and philanthropic work in mental health awareness and feminism, just to name a couple causes she’s passionate about.

Her new single “Psycho,” is a part of her mixtape “Ruby.” This new track is a call-out of how women are often labeled a “psycho” when expressing their feelings of hurt or anger, while men are often otherwise called “passionate” for similar behavior. 

“I wrote ‘Psycho’ a couple of years ago and have been sitting on it so I’m so happy to finally get to share it. I wanted to write something for every girl who has been called a ‘psycho’ in a relationship when she stood up for herself or refused to take any shit. My squad and I were really inspired musically by these creepy, avant-garde, circus funhouse vibes so I kept the lyrics a little dark too. It’s a perfect mix of irony and sarcasm and I’m so excited the world finally gets to hear it.”

Listen now, and watch the lyric video!