You may recognize Juliette Goglia in some of your favorite TV shows, but now she is showcasing another talent. She recently released a brand new EP, “I’m Not Sweet,” starting a new chapter of her life. Goglia is expressing herself through a new medium about exploring vulnerability and going on emotional journeys. We got to ask Juliette a few questions about the EP and the next year to come!

1. Tell us a little about your song “Empathy.”

I initially started writing this song after seeing devastating tragedy happen in a community of which I was not a member. I felt such intense empathy, such intense secondhand pain, for a tragedy other people were experiencing. I realized I felt this similar sensation when I turned on the news. It felt inescapable. Then I felt guilty for co-opting someone else’s pain. What right did I have to insert myself into their shoes? I think this is somewhat universal, especially for creative people. It can feel like you’re drowning in empathy and sometimes you want to shut off your heart. 

2. What advice would you give to those like you, trying to be more vulnerable?

I feel like so much of modern society thrives on the idea of being “cool” or “unaffected.” A blank facial expression, a disinterested vocal on a song… But I think it’s so much more powerful to lean into vulnerability. Especially with an administration turning its back on marginalized people, now is the time we have to be more honest and vulnerable. I think there is so much strength and power in stating exactly how you feel. So many people struggle with this and I have found, especially in personal relationships, it is so beneficial.

3. What was the process of writing this song, was it challenging?

Low key, almost every time I write a song, I cry. It’s kind of comical, even if it’s not a super sad song. Writing is very therapeutic for me. Sometimes I don’t realize I’m feeling a certain way until I’m able to journal extensively and then format it into song. For this song, it was extremely healing because I was dealing with a lot of battling emotions, as I said earlier. Trying to somewhat eloquently describe how I had been feeling felt like a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. This song almost wrote itself. And my favorite part about this song – when I play it live, I always have people coming up to me saying they relate. Vulnerability is less scary when you realize you’re not the only one feeling the way you feel.

4. How did you evolve from acting to making music?

When I was in college, I had a professor tell me that I didn’t have to *choose* between acting or music, and hearing that advice really set me free. With acting, I found a lot of comfort disappearing into different characters, and with that, a lack of responsibility. Music, for me, is completely different because I’m writing these lyrics and showing who I actually am. I kind of became addicted to the thrill of writing a new song and letting people in. So I’ve been running with that recently and I’ve loved every moment of it. 

5. What is the theme of your upcoming EP, “I’m Not Sweet?”

I would say the overarching theme is honesty. It feels like the perfect introduction into the music world for me because I get to control my story. 

6. What is the backstory of I’m Not Sweet?

The entire EP chronicles the stuff I’ve been dealing with as I’ve transitioned into adulthood. I have songs about heartbreak, about letting others down, about anxiety and depression, about grappling with faith… So it’s kind of like a condensed look into my early 20s. I’m mostly excited because I think a lot of people will relate to the lyrics and vibe with the sounds I created with my producer, Kurana.

7. What are you looking forward to in the next year?

It’s the start of a decade! I am really stoked to play more live shows and hopefully start recording some of my new songs. I also did a guest star role on the TV show “The Magicians”, which will be airing early 2020. And I can’t say much about it, but I’ve been collaborating on a project which will combine both music and acting that I cannot wait to create and release in the next year.