GBTRS Spotify Wrapped 2019

At Girls Behind the Rock Show, we listen to a lot of music. We hope you’re not sick of Spotify Wrapped posts yet, because we’re sharing ours!

You can listen to a full playlist of our top songs from 2019 HERE!


“Getting my Wrapped is one of my favorite parts of finishing up a year because it gives me a chance to reminisce on a lot of great experiences tied to live shows (Yes I saw The Lonely Island @ Roo, no I didn’t go to the ice machine at plaza 2). And no surprise at all that Weezer is my top artist for 2019 and the decade. Weezer’s been my band for a while, but this year specifically they released 2 albums that I’ve got some great live show memories from. I’m really looking forward to discovering new music and artists that I will love in the 2020s!”


“Being 17, having Chase Atlantic be the artist of my decade means they were pretty much the soundtrack to my life. Each song of theirs is unique and I wouldn’t expect any other artist to be my number one.”


“Overall, my 2019 Wrapped went from Disney to sad/emo and reversed back to Disney real quick (my 2019 in a nutshell). The songs I’ve been listening to have helped me cope with the sad/heartbreak shit and helped me put myself back together (as music always should).”


“My wrapped for 2019 turned out to be a solid mixture of artists I loved on my own and people I got into after feeling inspired from working their live shows. I like that it ended up being a fun mix of the two. I strongly maintain that my music is all over the place and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


“Unsurprisingly to me, Paramore took the top spot as my most listened to band of the decade. Music for me would not be the same without them. Definitely would recommend you go stream “After Laughter” right now!”


“Mark My Words by Doll Skin has truly been my anthem of the year–just take a look at my Spotify Wrapped. I’ve spent countless hours screaming theses lyrics in my room, in my car, and even at shows. The song hits to me to my core and has helped me heal in many ways over the course of the year. I truly love it, and I love this band.”


“I adore my top songs for both the decade and the year. I can associate specific memories and friendships to each. That’s what’s so beautiful about music!”


“STREAM GINGER (and Fine Line).”


“All my top five artists of this decade are artists I have found who have altered the way I see the world, and I think that’s the coolest part of music for me. So it’s only natural that getting into Kpop would give me the same feeling as the first time I heard the opening chords to “Saturday” or “Me, Myself and I” or “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” It tells a specific story of a decade of craziness and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


“It is literally no surprise that 5SOS is my top artist and my top two songs. I am still in love with their album Youngblood…this is my second year in a row listening to it on repeat. Cannot wait for their new album to drop next year. Teeth and Easier have me so hyped for the next album.”