Jordan Davis

Man Crush Monday: Jordan Davis

It’s well-known that every aspect of the music industry is male-dominated. While country is slowly welcoming more female acts —the CMA Awards will be dedicating the show to women in the industry – it’s still run by men.

That’s where Jordan Davis comes in, dedicated to changing the country industry as we know it.

To battle the inequality, Davis has taken a stand by continuously bringing on female acts to tour with him – and ONLY female acts. It’s a conscious decision, one Davis hopes will change the landscape of country music.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Davis acknowledged that follow-through is stronger than simply commenting on the matter. “I really see [gender imbalance] as a problem in Nashville, and it’s better, rather than me just talking or giving a quote about it, to actually do something,” he said.

“If I am going out and touring with them, people will start to hear them because they’re awesome. So that’s exactly what we did. This is who I like, who I am listening to and it tackles a broader problem.”

He’s also focused on writing with more women. When Rolling Stone mentioned he’s been working with female writers, he commented, “well, they’re doing amazing stuff, so that makes it easy.”

It’s an admirable outlook, one we hope the country world will acknowledge. We look forward to seeing Davis change country as we know it!