Photog Friday: Meet Sophie, Holly, and Amanda

Welcome to Photog Friday! Every week, we will be featuring some of the amazing photographers of Girls Behind the Rock Show. Please note: submissions are open intermittently. Want to be featured? Keep your eyes peeled in the group!

Sophie Harris – @sophieharrisphoto

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – Photo Credit: Sophie Harris
Paramore - hayley williams
Paramore – Photo Credit: Sophie Harris
Bad Cop/Bad Cop
Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Photo Credit: Sophie Harris

What was the first event you shot for?
The first time I had press credentials was a The 1975 concert in 2016. It was at the Volvo Car Stadium in Charleston, SC and I was the only person in the photo pit. The show was a few days after the Pulse shooting in Orlando, so during “Loving Someone,” when the stage lit up in rainbow lights, a fan held up a sign that said “Orlando Strong.” I grabbed a shot of this moment and approached her after the song to show her and get her email. As soon as she saw the photo, she burst into tears and all I could think to do was hug her. The next day, when I followed up with her and sent her the photo, she told me she came to Charleston from Orlando and one of her classmates was a victim of the shooting. That moment showed me how a photograph can touch someone’s life, which is exactly why I am in this business.

If you could shoot any band/artist, who would it be?
If possible, I’d love to travel back in time and photograph George Harrison aka the best Beatle.

Words of advice:
Don’t be afraid to keep creating! Your style will evolve and you’re not wasting your time as long as you are practicing and being creative.

Holly Turner – @hollyturnerphoto

The Everafter
The Everafter – Photo Credit: Holly Turner
Vista – Photo Credit: Holly Turner
Kill the Blonde
Kill the Blonde – Photo Credit: Holly Turner

What inspired you to pick up a camera?
For a while, my dad was head of security at every major venue around Boston, and from the time I was 14 I was being snuck into concerts on at least a once-per-weekly basis. After a while, I was kind of like, ‘why don’t I use this for something.’ And that, plus, honestly, seeing really bad 2011 era Tumblr “photography” (which at the time, I thought was the epitome of talent and coolness) made me think that being a photographer and using those shows to build my portfolio was the answer.

What is the most important thing about photography that you have learned since you started?
HOW TO EDIT IN LIGHTROOM. I can’t even explain how many doors were opened for me once I started shooting in RAW and made the switch from Photoshop to Lightroom. At first LR stressed me out because the way it worked was so different, but the amount of control you have over every single pixel in the image is incredible. You have to mess around with it a lot, but I’m at the point where I really don’t even worry about “bad lighting”; I’m pretty confident in my ability to re-color almost anything in Lightroom that that kind of thing doesn’t really phase me anymore.

Words of advice:
Fake it ’til you make it. The more I project the appearance that I’m constantly getting work, the more work I seem to get. Listen to the advice others have, but pretending you know what you’re doing, pretending you’re not stressed about not getting work, projecting the appearance that you’re successful, etc., can take you a lot farther than you’d think.

Amanda Scott – @sculpt_it_loud

Don Broco
Don Broco – Photo Credit: Amanda Scott
XYLO – Photo Credit: Amanda Scott
Grandson – Photo Credit: Amanda Scott

What are some photography goals of yours?
My main personal goal is to be able to teach photography. Or actually art in general.

If you could shoot any band/artist, who would it be?
I would probably chose Young The Giant, Misterwives or Two Door Cinema Club. All give AMAZING performances and I would love to capture those someday.

Words of advice:
This is definitely trial and error; photography is an art and it’s going to be practice 100% of the time. You NEED to play with your camera and its settings. I’m constantly learning new things with my camera because I always tweak little things when shooting – especially in portrait sessions or landscape.