Andy Grammer

Man Crush Monday: Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer
Andy Grammer – Photo Credit: Joseph Llanes

Touring as a woman is rough, and that’s exactly why Andy Grammer is receiving praise from women in the music industry.

In an editorial for Pollstar, Grammar wrote about his experience on the road with female crew members (of which there were five). He sat them down and asked one question: “Is there anything we can do to make this tour better for you?”

The crew members responded with specific requests, such as trashcans with lids for disposal of feminine hygiene products and “extra care about changing space.” But what blew Grammer’s mind was not the requests—it was the follow-up response. “One by one, they each told me that in all their years of combined touring, no one had ever asked them this question.”

Grammer has become lauded for his forward-thinking. And while it is disappointing that artists do not always think about this for their crew members, Grammer is encouraging his fellow male performers to ask the women what they need. As he says, “To the good guys out there: The acting seems to be the easier part, once you hear what the women need you will want to jump and help them however you can.”

We look forward to the day when this is the norm. But baby steps are crucial, and hearing a male musician talk about this is oh-so-refreshing.