Album Review: Dream or Nightmare – Bronnie

Bronnie – Photo Credit: Sarah Perry Photography

Bronnie dropped their new seven song EP “Dream or Nightmare” on Tuesday. Just like the choice of release day, the EP feels bold. Although it has the pop punk sound we all know and love, the release packs enough variation from track to track to make it feel fresh and totally unique.

Each of the songs has a slightly different sound, but two that stand out are the title track and “Ageing.”  “Dream or Nightmare” is fun and catchy track that’s just about what the title suggests. “Ageing” is a song about realizing you’re getting older, but kind of being okay with it. It’s relatable, and a super fun track to listen to. 

Also noteworthy is the final track, “I Wonder What It’s Like,” as its slower nature is in stark contrast to the rest of the album. The track explores topics such as feeling loved and being afraid to die. It’s a sad song, but definitely puts into perspective the struggles of those grappling with difficult situations and mental health issues.

Overall, “Dream or Nightmare” is a strong EP with quintessential pop-punk vibes that resonate with their listeners. Keep a close watch on them!