Photog Friday: Meet Sara, Katie, and Heather

Welcome to Photog Friday! Every other week, we will be featuring some of the amazing photographers of Girls Behind the Rock Show. Please note: submissions are open intermittently. Want to be featured? Keep your eyes peeled in the group!

Sara Feigin – @sara_feigin

King No-One
King No-One – Photo Credit: Sara Feigin
Romes – Photo Credit: Sara Feigin
Diet Cig
Diet Cig – Photo Credit: Sara Feigin

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?
When I was 14 and saw Arctic Monkeys and I saw a woman in the photo pit capturing them, and I asked her about what she was doing and I learnt that photographing bands could be a job.

What was the first event you shot for?
The first photo-pass I ever got was for a The Maine show on their first tour being signed to Fearless Records.

Words of advice;
The camera you’re using doesn’t matter, the vision you have is the most important thing. So pick up any camera you can get your hands on and start shooting!

Katie Rich – @richlkatie

ScHoolboy Q
ScHoolboy Q – Photo Credit: Katie Rich
No Language
No Language – Photo Credit: Katie Rich
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish – Photo Credit: Katie Rich

What inspired you to pick up a camera?
As a very empathetic person, I see the beauty in others and the world around me. From a young age, as a girl who was known for the eye patch I had to wear every day, I have always felt drawn to capturing the beauty within that I know everyone (and every moment) has.

If you could shoot any band/artist, who would it be?
Beyoncé, forever and always.

Words of advice:
Your style is always changing and always growing. There’s always something to learn, so when you’re feeling uninspired, look at styles of work that you would love to know how to shoot and play!

Heather Hurtt – @heatherhurtt

Tonight Alive
Tonight Alive – Photo Credit: Heather Hurtt
Turnstile – Photo Credit: Heather Hurtt
Have Heart
Have Heart – Photo Credit: Heather Hurtt

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?
When I realized I loved capturing daily life and turning it into stills.

What is the most important thing about photography that you have learned since you started?
There’s always room to learn and grow.

Words of advice:
Do it!