Photog Friday – Meet Ky, Isabelle, and Caitlyn

Welcome to Photog Friday! Every other week, we will be featuring some of the amazing photographers of Girls Behind the Rock Show. Please note: submissions are open intermittently. Want to be featured? Keep your eyes peeled in the group!

Ky Kasselman – @kykasselmanphoto

The Interrupters
The Interrupters – Photo Credit: Ky Kasselman
Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend – Photo Credit: Ky Kasselman
311 – Photo Credit: Ky Kasselman

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?
The rush of shooting my first show from the pit, Fleet Foxes, really solidified that this was the type of photography I had always been searching for.

If you could shoot any band/artist, who would it be?
One Republic – they’ve been the band that has defined the majority of my life and really started my dive into why I love music.

Words of advice:
Stay inspired. Take your camera everywhere. Don’t be discouraged by comparison. Art is subjective, so make what makes you happy.

Isabelle Castillo – @verybelle_

August Burns Red
August Burns Red – Photo Credit: Isabelle Castillo
Covet – Photo Credit: Isabelle Castillo
Hail the Sun
Hail the Sun – Photo Credit: Isabelle Castillo

What inspired you to pick up a camera?
My inability to remember things. I have problems with my memory because of my epilepsy. So taking pictures helps me remember the good times.

What is the most important thing about photography that you have learned since you started?
How to have more confidence and accept myself as I grow into my photography shoes.

Words of advice:
Pick up a camera and give it a go. It’s not the camera that makes a photographer, it’s the person behind the lens.

Caitlyn McGonigal – @caitlynmcgonigalphoto

Bring Me the Horizon
Bring Me the Horizon – Photo Credit: Caitlyn McGonigal
The Orphan The Poet
The Orphan The Poet – Photo Credit: Caitlyn McGonigal
Sharptooth – Photo Credit: Caitlyn McGonigal

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?
It’s never been a big “this is it” sort of thing for me. Growing up going to shows, I was always like “this is incredible, this is living, this makes everything worth it,” and I’ve always wanted to make someone else feel that way too. I wanted to showcase the way I felt at shows through photos because I could never do it in words.

What are some photography goals of yours?
I have bucket list shows I want to shoot within certain timeframes (for example, Waterparks by the end of 2019 and The 1975 by the end of 2020). I would love to go on tour with an artist, or make this a full-time career.

Words of advice:
Just go for it. Don’t overthink it. It takes time to develop a style and figure out what you like, but in that time you’ll be so creative and it’ll feel really rewarding. It can be hard starting out and trying to not compare yourself to others, but what matters is that you’re passionate. The gear you have doesn’t matter when you’re doing what you love.