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Calling All Humans: Be a Human of GBTRS!

We’re baaaaack! And better than ever to announce the full Humans of Girls Behind The Rock Show project. If you take a look back a few months, you’ll see a series of interviews I did while attending the final Warped Tour in Mountain View. Speaking with each gal was so incredibly inspiring to me, and being able to hear what we’ve done for just that small handful of women I’d spoken to made me want to hear more and more inspiring stories of humans we’ve helped.

With that being said, we’d love for any women and non-men to apply! Location doesn’t matter. Just fill out the Humans of GBTRS Sign Up form and that’s it! The hard part is done. When the submissions close, we’ll be reaching out to schedule an interview and photo session. 

Now you’re probably wondering, how the hell is one person going to do photo sessions for all these people? We thought it’d be a wonderful idea to get the help of photographers in our network all around the globe to help us out. If you’re a photographer looking to volunteer and get involved, please fill out the Photographer Volunteer Form, and we’ll be reaching out as we need folks for certain cities (maybe multiples if there’s high demand). 

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has ever come up to our booths at festivals, come up to me in person or participated in our networking group (which, if you aren’t part of, what the heck are you doing?). It means a lot that thousands of people care about what we’re trying to do. It makes my heart so full to hear the opportunities and friends you’ve made through the group or our opportunities. Our networking group is almost seven thousand members strong. That’s seven times the population of Blue Ridge, Georgia and ten times the population of New Market, Maryland. Everyone on the team appreciates it like crazy. Thank you.

Round one submissions close September 22nd.