Photog Friday: Meet Alyssa, Kaiti, and Kaitlyn

Welcome to Photog Friday! Every other week, we will be featuring some of the amazing photographers of Girls Behind the Rock Show. Please note: submissions are open intermittently. Want to be featured? Keep your eyes peeled in the group!

Alyssa Howell – @amh_photography95

Tyler the Creator
Tyler the Creator – Photo Credit: Alyssa Howell
Zedd – Photo Credit: Alyssa Howell
Mayday Parade
Mayday Parade – Photo Credit: Alyssa Howell

What inspired you to pick up a camera?
I’ve always been told I had an eye for pictures. I never really put two and two together when it came to my love for music and photography until I started to work with a colleague, and it all started from there.

What are some photography goals of yours?
To photograph the Foo Fighters and get published

Words of advice:
Be unique, have pit etiquette and don’t let anyone tear you down!

Kaiti Fleeger – @kfp_live

Asking Alexandria
Asking Alexandria – Photo Credit: Kaiti Fleeger
5 Seconds of Summer
5 Seconds of Summer – Photo Credit: Kaiti Fleeger
One OK Rock
One OK Rock – Photo Credit: Kaiti Fleeger

If you could shoot any band/artist, who would it be?
Twenty One Pilots, but also even though I’ve already shot them. Lemme go everywhere with As It Is or Grayscale. Just the shows they put on are A+ and I love capturing them.

What is the most important thing about photography that you have learned since you started?
Create art for you. Create your vision. Don’t compare yourself to others and try to please them. Create images that satisfy your soul, or you’ll never find happiness within your work. At least not long lasting happiness.

Words of advice:
Have a passion for it. It’s not easy work or easy money, so I wouldn’t invest in it unless it truly makes you happy to create. If you do have a passion for it, run with it. Do whatever it takes and don’t allow failure to keep you from pushing through.

Kaitlyn Johnston – @kaitlynjphoto

Machine Heart
Machine Heart – Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Johnston
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift – Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Johnston
Lizzo – Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Johnston

What inspired you to pick up a camera?
I’ve always loved arts in general, and my dad was big into photography when I was growing up, like as a hobbiest. He would show me how to use his camera and stuff like that. I fell in love with it instantly.

What was the first event you shot for?
First event I ever shot was a wedding when I was 12. First concert was some dive bar with Survay Says.

Words of advice:
Just do it. Don’t worry so much about what everyone else is doing because you’ll never be happy then. Create the art that you’re happy with.