Music Monday: Staff Picks

Welcome to Music Monday! This week, we asked the staff at Girls Behind the Rock Show about what they’re listening to right now and why. We even put together a playlist so you can enjoy our picks, too!

Jess: Hundred by Khalid and Phases by PRETTYMUCH

I find myself latching on to songs here and there through shows that I work. Randomly certain songs end up sticking with me, and it adds to the fun when I’m working with artists that I’m not terribly familiar with because I get exposed to so much more music. So I picked Hundred by Khalid and Phases by Prettymuch — both good “in my feelings” songs that are nice for a rainy day. Here’s to more music discoveries thanks to work.

Madeline: Kicks by Lights and House on a Hill by Amanda Lindsey Cook

I’ve been listening to Lights a lot lately. If you dont listen to her, she makes an album and then she remakes the album but it’s acoustic. “Kicks” is one of my favorites and it’s a song that really feels good and I enjoy how Lights was able to turn it into an acoustic song and keep all of the energy that the original version had. She recorded each song for the acoustic album in a different location and this one happens to be by a river, which adds a whole other element to it.

I heard another singer that I listen to talk about Amanda Lindsey Cook, so I decided to check it out. I was hooked on the whole album but this song is one that I go back to and find myself listening to a lot. It’s kind of a sad song but I just really love it.

Aliyah: Buttercup by Hippo Campus and Dr.Whoever by Aminé

Buttercup is about a rebellious, carefree woman who plays by her own rules and doesn’t stick to the norms that society set for womxn. I see a lot of myself in this song because I grew up super independent and a bit of a rule breaker and that made me into the headstrong woman I am today. Hippo Campus had it on their setlist at Bonnaroo this year and the breakdown towards the end had me feeling a way that’s inexpressable. It’s just a feel-good song!

I connect a lot with Dr.Whoever, so it holds a special place in my heart. Aminé talks about mental health but mainly focuses on the mental health of men. I think men have this high societal expectation to be “manly” and that includes bottling their emotions up so, I love how Aminé wrote Dr.Whoever as a message to the listener to “be honest with yourself.” Plus, Ricky Thompson hilariously narrarates a good chunk of the album, “onepointfive.”

Sydney: Hypochondriac by The Frights

The Frights album Hypochondriac has been my go to every time I’m in the car. Catch me sitting in traffic singing as loud as I can. My favorites are Pills, Goodbyes, and Whatever.

Moira: I Think I’m OKAY by Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD, and Travis Barker, and Love Is Dead And We Killed Her by Doll Skin

Doll Skin’s album dropped in the middle of what I can only describe as an emotionally draining summer. Old wounds resurfaced, new ones appeared, and I’ve just felt so unispired and unempowered. Listening to the album reignited a fire inside me that helped me gain that power back. It’s been my go-to soundtrack of the summer, especially when I’m in a bad funk and need a reminder that I am a bad bitch/my past has no hold over me. I also just love listening to Doll Skin to get myself in a good mood.

I also just wanna say that MGK’s new album Hotel Diablo is a masterpiece and I’m in love with it, but this track specifically I’ve been revisiting because not only is a great song, but I also still can’t get over YUNGBLUD bringing out MGK at the end of his Warped Tour set and performing it together – twice. That whole experience was chaotic and full of such amazing energy that I love revisting the song to bring back that pure happiness I felt while being in the crowd.

Tess: Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

Yes, it’s “old.” But it’s still as catchy to me as the first day I heard it. The Chainsmokers are brilliant – they know exactly how to make something catchy af. And Halsey’s voice is so strong. I will never be over this song. I’ve even choreographed dance moves to the chorus. I’m borderline obsessed.

Allison: Somebody That I Used to Know by Elliott Smith and Fruit Salad by Tierra Whack

This past week, Elliott Smith would have celebrated his 50th birthday. He was an excellent lyricist and songwriter, and this is one of my favorite songs off of Figure 8, my favorite album of his. Fun fact: the background in the Figure 8 cover art is a real mural you can visit in the Los Angeles area!

Fruit Salad is only one minute long, but it’s still able to pack a wonderful message about self-love, positivity, and wellness over a great beat. Tierra Whack is one of the most creative and talented up-and-comers in the music industry right now, and Whack World is a great piece of art.

Sam: Played Out by Benny Pinto / Mr K.O

I’m super into supporting local music, especially in the over-saturated market of Los Angeles, and this song is just too good of a bop to not push to every single person I know right now. It’s laid back with a great beat, relatable lyrics and great vocals. “Roll your windows down and let the wind in your hair” type of song.

Emi: Came Out Swinging by The Wonder Years

I’ve always loved listening to The Wonder Years in August because we’re finally heading to fall season and leaving the summer. But after seeing them at Sad Summer Fest, I started listening to them – specifically Came Out Swinging, since they opened with that song – and I related to the lyrics “spent the winter writing songs about getting better” so so much. Listening to them around this time of year really helps me prepare for the fall.

Shelby: Chain by NCT 127

Lately, I’ve been super into KPop, and NCT 127 has been my favorite. I saw them live in May and this song just kinda blew me away live. I listen to it a lot, especially when I’m working out. But their music in general is really great. Something I’ve really enjoyed about KPop is the amount of genres that they blend together, and NCT 127 does a great job of incorporating hip-hop into their sound. Beyond that, the artistry and work that goes into the music videos and development of KPop idols is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and this video in particular is also impressive. Also honorable mention: Highway to Heaven English version. It’s a good summer bop.

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