Community Spotlight: Emily Berke

Emily Berke
Emily Berke – Photo Credit: Samantha Paige Bass

We wanted to highlight Emily because she is the exact type of person we hope to help out in this industry. She is driven and has worked so incredibly hard on what she does. After using our networking group to get her foot in the door, she worked her way up and is set to do so many more amazing things. We asked Emily a few questions about her path, goals, and favorite artists.

Who are you and what do you do in music?
My name is Emily Berke and I am an artist manager/assistant at Waldman Management in Los Angeles, California.

How has the Girls Behind The Rock Show organization helped you?
I actually found my first internship through the GBTRS group! I was able to spend a summer as a Publicity/Legal Intern at Epitaph Records. 

What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in your music industry journey?
Basically just getting out of my own head. Sometimes things are just things and you can’t take them personally.

What advice would you give to another woman looking to do the same thing you do?
If you do nothing, nothing will happen. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Go out and find them or make your own.

Who are the biggest inspirations in your life?
My dad, my current boss Scott Waldman, and my best friend Hannah Fine. They all work hard and they’re all good people, what else could you ask for? 

Who are your favorite artists right now?
I’ve been listening to a lot of Seaway and Broadway musicals. Also, 18th & Addison. Not a promo, their new song is just always stuck in my head!

What is your next step? Where do you see yourself going up from here?
I hope to keep working with Waldman Management and hopefully sign more bands in the near future. 

Name one incredibly unrealistic goal you’d like to see yourself achieve.
No goal is unrealistic, but in terms of goals that I never see myself pursuing, but wouldn’t be mad if it happened… I guess something like winning the Superbowl? 

What is something you never thought you’d be able to do but have done?
Basically my entire career thus far. I kind of fell into music and never thought it would last or I would stay. I’m really really happy I did. 

Where do you see the music industry heading? 
I think music works like every other trend where everything comes back into style at some point. I can’t necessarily predict anything, but I can only hope people keep blurring the lines of genre and continue to utilize social media to basically build a brand. 

Tell me more about your background. Who are you without music?
I was actually a working actress for a long time and I still enjoy doing small things here and there. If I’m not doing music things I’m probably thrift shopping, watching horror movies, or hanging out with my dog. 

Talk to your 15 year old self. What would you want her to hear?
Don’t compare yourself to other people. They’re not as cool as you think they are. 

Promote yourself and what you do!
I manage a band called 18th & Addison and they have a new EP coming out September 6th on Wiretap Records! You can check out the rest of the WM roster on or if you read this and think I’m an okay chick you can check out my social media which is @emilyberke on everything!