Debbie harry blondie

Woman Crush Wednesday: Debbie Harry

Debbie harry blondie
Photo by Chris Gabrin/Redferns/Getty Images

Debbie Harry is the lead vocalist for legendary punk rock band, ​Blondie, ​and an all around badass. What makes her legendary is her reputation for standing out and not caring what others think about her. That is why she is our WCW this week.

In the 1960’s, she wore many hats, including Playboy Bunny, go-go dancer, and waitress. It wasn’t until 1974, when she met her then boyfriend, Chris Stein, and formed ​Blondie​. The band got its name from a catcall men would use toward her in regards to her hair. She was also a part of the No Bra movement, a feminist project started in the 60’s in protest against enforced femininity.

With their song “Rapture,” Blondie was the first band to get a rock song to #1 in the U.S. In 1980, she assembled a gathering of women in punk rock to celebrate female empowerment. “I really wanted to get together with all the punk females for an afternoon of celebration. It’s a great memory.”