Woman Crush Wednesday: Chika

Photo Credit: Instagram @oranicuhh

Some know her as Jane Chika Oranika, but when she’s spitting rhymes over gospel harmonies and tight beats, she’s the badass rapper Chika. Bursting into the scene following a criticism of Kanye West’s endorsement of Donald Trump, in which she raps all over his “Jesus Walks” beat, Chika is one to watch.

Sitting down with TIME, she explained that being a part of an influx of female emcees “feels just right; it’s a beautiful feeling because it’s so long overdue.” She acknowledges that women in hip hop can fly under the radar, and that she is excited to be a part of this. As she says to TIME, “women in music are always overlooked for the most part. … Whatever’s happening is a resurgence of energy happening with women and hip hop, this community is really growing strong [and] doing super well.”