Woman Crush Wednesday: Sody

Photo: @sody

Sophie Dyson is no stranger to bullying. In year seven and eight, she was a constant source of entertainment to her classmates due to her acne. When she started going by her pseudonym, Sody, people teased her. She recalls not being able to go anywhere in town, because her bullies had convinced others to taunt her, too. Following an especially embarrassing and brutal situation at her school, she recalled to Ditch the Label that she had “jumped into a taxi. I felt so alone, embarrassed, ashamed and I was truly devastated.”

It’s from her past that Sody draws inspiration for her song “The Bully,” in which she confronts her bullies before ultimately taking the higher road. She sings “I feel sorry for your conscience … only I could’ve dealt with what you put me through. Glad it happened to me and not you.” It’s a classy kiss-off, one that sees her stand strong in who she is. And, when Ditch the Label asked how she overcame her bullying, one sentiment resonates with all of us: “Music saved me!”