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New Music Friday: Clover the Girl’s “Even If It Hurts” EP

clover the girl
Photo by Bailey Franklin

Clover The Girl, the pseudonym of Brianna Conrado, is an alt-pop singer songwriter from Texas. Brianna dropped out of Texas A&M University and started pursuing a career in music as Clover The Girl in 2016 after working in the metal/alt-rock world and writing songs when she was as young as 13. She’s since toured the country, and she’s accumulated over 1 million streams on Spotify. 

Her newly released EP, “Even If It Hurts,” features plenty of alternative pop vibes, both musically and lyrically. Each of the four songs has a different story and musical sound.

“Don’t Get It” is the first track of the EP, and you’ll immediately know you’re in for a sonic ride with the beats to the lyrics to the emotions. The second track, “ADHD,” is one of the many example of lyrics setting the story. ”Feeling like a broken barbie doll” and other lyrics (as well as the beat) in the song give a Halsey vibe. The title track, “Even If it Hurts,” has the type of beat you’ll hear at a club. Stand-out lyric “pain is a temporary symptom” makes you contemplate the pain in life. Her last song, “Damaged,” begins with plenty of swirling harmonies, setting the stage for a heartbreak anthem.

We are highly looking forward to the success of Clover the Girl and more of her alternative storytelling that she brings to her EP.