Pride Month Celebration: Hayley Kiyoko

As Pride Month comes to a close, we at Girls Behind the Rock Show want to celebrate musicians who have made great strides and offered representation to women and non-binary folx everywhere.

hayley kiyoko

Known as “Lesbian Jesus” by her fans, Hayley Kiyoko has been a trailblazer for young LGBT pop stars in the music industry. Kiyoko strives to normalize the representation of lesbians in a heteronormative society, while bringing to light issues that the LGBT community faces through her songs and music videos, including “Girls Like Girls” and “One Bad Night”. On the topic of lesbian representation, Kiyoko says “If you see two girls falling in love and normalizing that, then people can go ‘I can fall in love, too. I can be that person.’ …If they see that, they can believe it.”