‘Collaboration over competition’ is the motto for Olivia
Shalhoup’s passion project, Amethyst Collab, a collective of women of color in the music industry. Amethyst’s mission is to help level the playing field in an industry that has vastly underrepresented WOC for far too long now by creating space for women of color to hold agency over every aspect of the music industry, from behind the scenes to center stage.

Amethyst has an entire team of fourteen powerful and creative women that help take on different and important roles within the collective such as playlist curation, audio/visuals, creative strategy/marketing, and social media. Together, they work to help pair artists with teams consisting entirely of WOC, getting them high quality content on a lower-level budget.

From creative direction, to having their own content be promoted shamelessly, we are here for it all. I am so excited to watch this long-time-coming project grow into the hearts and hands of other people, and to lift each other up through we what know best: music.

Olivia Shalhoup

Having only just started in November of 2018, Amethyst has already made incredible strides creating magic with some of their artists. Kennedy, one of the very eclectic artists on Amethyst’s roster, released a music video “Even Now” which was directed by Olivia and edited and shot by Audrey Wong, one of the original members of the collective. The video (below) was created by and features only WOC, and features captivating interpretive dancing to correspond with the daunting beauty within the song.

Empowered Bitches, Empowering Bitches

This same dream team also worked on a photo project titled Brown Girls, Bright Colors which features many of the same models boldly and beautifully adoring vivid and bright colored makeup. Each image is stunning and intimate, and the entire set is one of the first ever projects to have been directed and created entirely by a team of WOC.

Amethyst has plans to continue with the momentum they’ve started with by continuing to grow and glow over 2019 with a radio show, more playlists, live shows and art showcases, album releases, and genre diverse visual projects in the works throughout the year.

If you’re interested in collaborating with Amethyst, you can apply to work for or with them here! You can keep up with the collective on their website, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.