Hypnotic Visuals of Newest Single ‘Poison’ by WARGIRL

Indie funk-rock collective WARGIRL from Long Beach, California are set to release their self-titled debut album on April 19th. Two months ahead of its release, the collective has dropped their newest single off the WARGIRL LP called ‘Poison’. Paired with the single is a beautifully made music video filled with stunning visuals that send you into an alternate universe. ‘Poison’ is a 70s radio staple gone modern and the visuals pair perfectly with the funky sound. Hypnotic visuals and psychedelic sound flood your eyes & ears as soon as the music video begins, capturing the attention of the viewer who is most likely not able to look away.

Flashing images of the members playing various instruments fly by the screen while lead singer Samantha Park projects her angelic and hypnotic vocals through your speakers. The vocals are dark and yet light all at once blending to make an absolutely beautiful sound. There’s a good amount of double exposure, overlapping of images and what seems to be some sort of trippy paint zoomed in on a microscope as the main background of the video. The repetitive nature of the song itself along with the psychedelic visuals make for an absolute masterpiece. This captivating single and music video duo has us really looking forward to what WARGIRL has in store.

What exactly does ‘Poison’ mean, you ask?

WARGIRL stated: “When sketching out the lyrics for poison we were writing “your poison” and “you’re poison” over and over again. Like many of our songs the lyrics have multiple layers to the meaning. “Your poison” could be words that someone is dishing out, or maybe a politician is poison in the literal sense of “you are poison.” Then there is the good side of poison. Sugar can kill you if you eat too much, but a little bit of poison can also make you happy. Everyone has their Poison.”

WARGIRL will be releasing their upcoming self-titled debut LP on April 16th and single ‘Poison’ is just a taste of what’s next.

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