GBTRS At 8123 Festival

Girls Behind the Rock Show were honored to have been apart of this year’s 8123 Festival as a part of their 8123 Impact program, a philanthropic initiative inspiring the 8123 Family to donate their passion, time and talents to make a positive difference locally and globally while bringing awareness and supporting social conscientiousness. We teamed up with members of the 8123 Family to head down to Phoenix’s official Women’s March before the festival’s kick-off Saturday morning. It was truly humbling to watch people from every walk of life fill the streets of Phoenix to encourage change and inspire equality for women.

The march then lead us to Civic Space Park where thousands of fans from all over the country were ready to take in everything that The Maine had in store for the day. Sunshine and good vibes radiated over the festival, evoking laughter and positivity from all attendees. Two stages were filled with back-to-back talent all day, leading up to the pièce de résistance, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop being played in its entirety.

Phoenix natives Fairy Bones, Glacier Veins, and Sundressed adorned the Desert Stage providing intimate and high-energy performances for fans, keeping the energy alive all day and showing everyone that bands from Phoenix mean business. Between sets we sat down and talked to the members of these bands about inclusivity in music and what it means to them, and it was inspiring to see how passionate each act was about supporting women in music.

Real Friends kick-started the crowds energy, sending waves of crowd surfers over the barrier, giving security a fun challenge for the first time during the event. Each band continued to foster the sense of excitement among fans waiting for the moment The Maine would take the stage. Acts to tickle your nostalgia continued to grace the Maine Stage such as This Century, We The Kings, and Mayday Parade leading your day into night. The final tear down/set-up of the night seemed to linger on with every single person within a half mile radius completely giddy with joy for what they were about to witness. Clad in crisp, white suits, The Maine stepped out in front of a curtain of beautiful gold tinsel and began to play the opening of an old hit, “Everything I Ask For” and the crowd erupted in dance that didn’t stop until the last note was played. Fans could be seen swaying together with their friends, laughing, crying, dancing, and most importantly, living in the moment.

8123 brought together a few thousand fans that all enjoy the same band, sure, but what it really created is an escape from reality. It took thousands of people and turned them into family for the day. The Maine has curated something special and very unique in this market and they truly have a bond with their fans like none other. Girls Behind The Rock Show was so incredibly honored to be apart of such a great event, the passion and joy put into 8123 Fest was truly unmatched.

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