Linda Marie Fischer: A Journey In Pursuing Music & Following Your Dreams

Linda Marie Fischer is a singer/songwriter living in New York, with a history deep within many different realms of the entertainment world. After years spent doing other jobs in the industry, Linda decided to take the reigns and follow her dreams of creating music. Soulful and smooth, Fischer presents her debut album Arc of Love filled with jazz, pop, and blues songs to help take the listener through the stages of love. Tumultuous and pure, you go through the complexities of falling in and out of love alongside Linda. Arc of Love 
is available everywhere including SpotifyBandcamp, and Apple Music. Physicals CDs can be ordered through CDBaby, and merchandise can be ordered through

My path with music had some of its start in a little white record player with an orange turntable and needle. It had a sturdy top and closed securely. I latched it and put my small hand in the orange handle. It was attached to me as I carried it from the living room to the bedroom. There I
incessantly played “I Think I Love You” by David Cassidy. Actually, any David Cassidy song.

I didn’t know why I could sing. I didn’t even know how I was doing it. But I did. And what could be better for an eight-year old die-hard David Cassidy fan than to croon with her idol? Needless to say, the turntable was the best Christmas gift that my parents could have ever given me. I loved it and . . . the music.

Sometime later, I don’t remember exactly when, my parents gave me voice lessons. She was an opera teacher, but she liked Broadway tunes, too. So I was schooled in the theater arts.

Today my focus is an adult contemporary pop sound and I am absolutely, 100% inspired by the human condition, which we all share. The commonalities of life, how we may live in different places, have entirely different lives, friends, family, and situations, touch me. I experienced a
good bit of it especially in my 30s. That time period had a profound impact on my heart, mind, and soul because there was a great deal of change in my life. While others were going to PTA meetings and cheering on the sidelines at their kid’s soccer games, I was dealing with the end of a marriage and the loss of my mother.

But hope sprung from the deep sorrow. As my mother had told me, which seemed so simple that I brushed it aside, when one door closes, another opens. And that perhaps, I wouldn’t be married, or have children, but that I might have a life that’s different, of art, culture, and travel. As usual mom turned out to be right.

Through professional colleagues I met someone new and remarried. With him, I was able to start over, go back to school, see some of the world, and pick up ongoing business opportunities. As the years passed though, music still pulled at me. It never left me, and I never left it. Then finally I had an opportunity to pursue music and released my debut album Arc of Love earlier this fall.

I hope my music shows that every bump in the road takes us along with learning and love, and that it’s ok, actually probably just perfect, despite it seeming so bad sometimes. We have to believe in the sun coming up, the smile we don’t expect from a person passing by, a helping hand
when we least expect it. Love is everywhere. We have to see it. Love will always be in everything I create and sing.

My greatest accomplishment thus far has been starting over on a path toward music. This has given me a modicum of peace. All of us wish that our lives could have been better or that we made different choices. But looking back my life left me at exactly the right spot. I got a chance
to live one life and now I’m living another.

From life’s experiences, I have learned that inquiries into the past aren’t the right questions to ask. The question really is what can I do to be happy today? The past is just that. What I have is in front of me. And with music I want to reach out and hug someone, right now. Life is fine. Things change. You’re beautiful. Much is ahead. Believe in yourself.

My music is written for pure enjoyment and hopefully has swirls of insight in it that can help people see their lives in a new light. Then I will have done a great job. I hope to make more music, exploring different styles, but always making sure that the songs are real and they touch listeners.

My biggest piece of advice is that all you seek is right within you, even when you don’t believe it is or you can’t see it at all. Strength, hope, love, everything. Don’t give up.