VanDeRocker – Point Defiance Album Review

VanDeRocker is an American indie rock project led by Adrienne VanDeRocker, who comes from a Dutch-American family of classical musicians in Austin, TX. Being the writer for the project, much of Vanderocker’s classical influence along for her proclivity toward circus and vaudeville can be heard throughout the VDR’s catalog. VDR’s early music was an experimental variation of retro rock blended with electronica. Following their debut album, Jupiter’s Kiss, VDR broadened it’s sound with a variety of singles ranging from devotional music, to roadhouse blues, trip hop, and as well as comedic opera music. The project continues to experiment with musical styles.


With the upcoming release of her 2nd album, Point Defiance, (out 10.26.18), I got a sneak peek and was impressed. With its overall indie-western feel and tunes to make you put on your dancing shoes, it’s definitely an album for everyone to enjoy. If Fleetwood Mac and Lana Del Rey collaborated this is what it would sound like.


In listening to the album in its entirety, I’ve curated a list of my favorite tracks.  “Austin” is a very light ballad with its harmonious chorus and its great transition to the 2nd half of the track. “Path of Resistance” immediately reminds me of a mix Fleetwood Mac and Lumineers masterpiece but is original all in it’s own. “Ear to the Ground” is another great piece off of this album. I particularly like the beat and it’s funky bass line. The way the reverb is light but brings a lot to the track as a whole shows how well engineered the album is.


“Creature of Habit” and “Don’t Stay” differs from the rest of the tracks due to the alt rock feel to both. “Creature of Habit” is catchy and one to stick with you because of the repeating chorus and light drumming. I really enjoyed the tempo change in between the chorus and verses.  “Don’t Stay” is the more mellow of the 2 tracks; and although distortion is used, it’s still a great track to groove to.


Closing the album with its bright tones, synths and harmonies is “Coming Home”. Its light and upbeat mood makes you feel like you’re saying goodbye to the album until the next listen. Adriennes vocals don’t overpower the track and brings a great touch to it overall. All in all, the album is a breath of fresh air and sets the bar high for the future of indie rock.