Candy Ambulance Drops New Music Video “Spray”

Grunge-punk trio Candy Ambulance come to you from Upstate New York with a sultry and manic new music video for their single “Spray” the title track to their EP released earlier this year. Packing a punch, “Spray” touches on mania and anxiety with a video that is just as high energy and emotive.

Vocalist Caitlin Barker shared, “Choosing “Spray” for the first video off our latest EP was a no-brainer. I was very agitated when I wrote the song. I started to see the narrative play out in my mind every time we rehearsed it; a sweaty drink glass, rubber dish gloves, smoking at the record player. It felt like a song I could see.”

Caitlin talked to us about how “the concept for the “Spray” video came after a crazy cleaning binge. When I’m stressed, I have to clean to calm down. But it’s never organized, I jump from one thing to another. It feeds the stress and I wanted to illustrate that moment, the frenzy of it.

Candy Ambulance teamed up with Chromoscope Productions for the music video and were able to help work together to make the bands vision come to life. Barker noted “Chromoscope actually came to a show of ours and introduced themselves. I remember we were pretty new at the time so we weren’t ready to make a video yet. A few years later we had the proper recordings and enough money to invest in one. We made a spooky, sexy, messy video for our song “People Are Deceitful” . They were professional and easy going. We knew we wanted to work with them again. Also, they are industrious members of the areas scene. You’ll find them shooting a video for the Troy Dance Factory, then scooting over to a local festival to take pictures. They work really hard.

I’m floored by how well they took the frantic concept of the video and made it both palatable to the viewer and simultaneously… itchy. When I’m feeling really manic, I feel violent, crazy, lazy, sexual and self-absorbed. They illustrated it perfectly.”

Having had worked alongside Chromoscope previously it was a no-brainer to reach out to them for the new single, to help bring out the sexy and fast paced vibe Caitlin and the band had dreamt up. A passion for using music as an outlet and creating videos to help correspond with the message of their music runs deep with Barker; “I LOVE music videos. Since I was a little kid, I’ve been really drawn in by them. We worked with our friends at Chromoscope Productions for a previous video and I knew how hands on they’d let me be. I got to write the initial script for it and I have loads of ideas for future videos. I would go so far as to say they are my favorite creative outlet.

While music videos may only be around three to five minutes long, the process in creating that video is much more time consuming. So much work an effort is required from both the band and the production company that they are working with. “Shoot day is like prom but you have to set the prom up and provide all the decorations and music except my parents didn’t force me to go to the music video shoot because they were afraid I’d regret missing a critically important social ritual. 

It’s a ton of work. Money is obviously a factor for any small business, so anything we (meaning the band and Chromoscope) could DIY, we did. We created the concepts, the sets, we picked locations. I did my makeup and I suck at makeup. It’s hard work and we didn’t get enough sleep but it was so worth it.

And as with any creative process, the journey comes with various high’s and low’s throughout. “When I got hangry. It was a nightmare. We had shot my scenes back to back so I wasn’t paying attention to my physical needs. We broke for lunch and I couldn’t choose what I wanted to eat. I started to cry. But the boys went out and grabbed me some sushi and it was smooth sailing from there. We had a great after party!”

Caitlin advises those who are looking to set up their own music video shoot for their band be sure to know your vision and to always do what makes you proud. “We wanted to nod toward 90’s grunge videos (a la Green Day) so the best preparation we had was a story line/concept. But I have friends who make videos that are more atmospheric so you can shoot free form images. I have other friends who make great videos where they’re simply playing the song. So I guess just do what makes you proud (and make a video with Chromoscope).”

Check out all of Candy Ambulance’s hard work for their music video, “Spray” below and keep up with Candy Ambulance across socials!