SwampChild, a San Francisco bay area band, can best be described as a garage band with some heavy dream pop influences. Noted as one of the best bands in the Bay area, SwampChild has been making a splash among the music world, consistently practicing and gigging frequently, even playing two unofficial SXSW showcases. But the level of success and the ability to survive and prosper through music alone hasn’t come without great sacrifice for this band. We sat down with front-woman, Brandi Cheek to chat about her trials and tribulations making her dreams come true through SwampChild.


With a passion for music always being at the forefront of her life, starting with singing in her church choir as a child, Brandi always knew that music would hold a special part in her spirit. Life and the desire to live up to outdated social expectations got in the way, as it does so often with creatives, and life started to take a detour for Cheek. Divorce, quitting a stable, day job, and living below her means were all in the cards, but through that Brandi was able to find purpose in music and created SwampChild. Channeling all of her time and means into the soul of SwampChild taught Brandi and her team so many valuable life lessons along the way. “Become comfortable with the unknown and always trust in your instincts.” Brandi states, pushing yourself and breaking past the limits of your comfort are the only way in which you can succeed and achieve the dreams you set forth for each-other. Our entire conversation together was a true inspiration, speaking of the vulnerability and authenticity it takes to make music that is relatable and enjoyable for listeners from every walk of life.

SwampChild just hit the studio for two days earlier this week and they will be back in again July 10-11th to record an EP set to drop later this year. Recording brings up so much anxiety and excitement for so many artists, and for those who have never experienced a studio before it can be an incredibly daunting task. Brandi is purely a vocalist and is unable to read music, making recording for her an especially tricky task; it was through talking over this that an idea was  sparked to create a video dairy to commemorate her time in the studio and the feelings it evokes. Below is her pre-studio video and links in which you can keep up with SwampChild via social media. Stay tuned for the video diaries, coming at the end of the month!

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