Spreading a message of unconditional love and light across the UK, singer/songwriter Lucy Spraggan is now ready to take her message to America. Labeled a queer icon in the UK, Spraggan has made a massive impact on LGBTQ+ fans all throughout Europe through her music.


“Love is love, and that’s always the message I want to send.”



Having toured heavily in Europe and having all four of her previously released studio albums make the Top 40 in the UK, Lucy is no stranger to the music industry. Awarded a DIVA Award, an award allotted to LBTQ women across various industries, for Musician of the Year being one of her most highlighted accomplishments for the first half of 2018.


With 6 days spent in Austin, Texas for SXSW, Spraggan got her first true taste of what the music industry is like in America. That glimpse into our scene is preparing Lucy for her first American tour in September. Hitting 18 dates across the US and Canada, Lucy is looking forward to spending her time abroad sharing her message and creating content for her fifth album that is set to be released in early 2019.


“A lot of my songs are about America anyway, and being there and my experiences there.”



Another big motivator for travelling overseas is being able to meet and connect with even more of her amazing and beautiful fans. Connecting with people is a pillar of importance for Lucy, having been learning British Sign Language (BSL) since she was 18 to help aid in better communicating with people.


“I’ve been able to use it to meet fans and stuff and I just think it’s really important. Communication is like the most important thing in the world, and while I’m terrible at other languages, if I can speak to people through sign, I can make a difference”

You can find Lucy breaking down communication barriers and spreading a message of positivity throughout America from September 4th through October 1st. Be sure to catch a date of her upcoming tour and keep an eye out for new music from her coming next year!


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