Other Americans : Self-Titled EP Review

Credit: Mike Alexander

Other Americans is an electro-alternative group from Kansas City, MO consisting of current and former members of The Gadjits, Architects, Radar State, The Late Night Callers and others. While preparing for festivals such as Middle of the Map, and opening for Meg Myers, they were in the studio recording their 6 song, self-titled EP. Today, June 29th was the release of the EP  and already rave reviews are rolling in.


“Murdering Crows” powerfully opens the album. With its Jimi Hendrix styled, psychedelic rock feel, there’s not a reason to not let loose. Spill Magazine recently premiered the single in May 2018, giving fans all over a reason to dance.  “Make Me Afraid” is a certified bop due to its funky bass line, and the overall vibe that’s a mix of 80’s pop and early 00’s techno-pop. “Couple Skate” has an early 2000’s vibe and it’s nice to hear a bit of the past in present day. The first half of this EP is wonderfully orchestrated and creates an excellent portrait of the album in its entirety.


“Bhangra Vampires” and “Pills” slows things down as vocalist, Julie Berndsen, truly delivers and shines. “Bhangra Vampires” is sort of a mix of country, pop and 90’s rock, which makes for an entirely unique listening experience. While “Pills” has bits and pieces of reggae and stands out due to Julie’s isolated vocals in between verses. The album comes to a close with 80’s funk love song, “Curtis”. What makes it most memorable is how upbeat the chorus is and how the guitars support the chorus; giving the song its groove.


From beginning to end,  Other Americans’ self-titled EP fits within the electro alternative genre but steps into the pop category a bit.  It’s genuinely a great record and for anyone wanting to listen to something new, I recommend listening in its entirety. You can check out the single “Murdering Crows” below!