Come Through Tour Live Show Review

The Regrettes are a punk rock 4-piece from Los Angeles, CA consisting of frontwoman, Lydia Night; guitarist, Genessa Gariano; bassist, Sage Chavis, and drummer, Drew Thomsen. The Regrettes have been on the road and in the studio quite a bit recently, releasing their version of  “Helpless” from the Broadway phenom, Hamilton and playing shows at Bonnaroo and Firefly Music Festival. While playing larger scale shows, they are currently on their own nationwide tour with Sacramento based band Destroy Boys. Destroy Boys consists of frontwoman, Alexia Roditis; guitarist, Violet Mayugba; bassist, Blake Eitel, and drummer, Narsai Malik.


June 6th, 2018, they stopped at The Black Cat in Washington D.C. The show was held in the more intimate ‘backstage’ stage of the venue. It was a sold out show and the room was packed wall to wall. Destroy Boys kicked off the night and their high energy performance began with their single, “American River” and the crowd was completely warmed up by the end of their set. They set such a positive tone and an intense pace for the rest of the show. Destroy Boys fans showed up and showed out during their set. After playing “Vixen” from their Crybaby x Vixen EP, Alexia got the crowd involved with their next song, a cover of “Teenage Lobotomy” by The Ramones. Hopping into the crowd during their final song of the night “Duck Eat Duck World”, she had the audience more immersed and a part of the show. Overall, Destroy Boys set the pace for the rest of the night and gave an over the top performance.

The Regrettes took the stage with Drew sitting behind his kit, setting the start of their first song of the night “I Don’t Like You”. Genessa and Sage quickly followed, adding guitar and bass to the mix and finally Lydia joined the group to begin their set.  After playing “Hey Now”, a collective scream came from the crowd after recognizing the drumming to “Come Through”. Out of all the songs performed that night, “Come Through” was the one that got the crowd the most hyped. During “Picture Perfect”, Lydia hopped into the crowd during the ending. Everyone lowered to the floor repeatedly singing “Ooh Baby Baby, B-B-B Baby” right before hopping back up and going wild as the song finishes. If you give “Picture Perfect” a listen, that part might sound familiar. Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It’ is sampled and gives the song a little something extra. Their seventh song of the night was “Red Light”, a favorite of mine. After performing “Seashore”, Lydia spoke about how they went to the Smithsonian Museum earlier in the day and saw a ton of “Make America Great Again” hats.


“ So earlier today we went to the Smithsonian Museum; which was awesome. We’re from LA, so we’re kind of in this weird bubble and there were so many MAGA hats everywhere. It was sad, it was like, these young kids. It was so crazy to me and I just wanted to say like, this is so incredible that we can play [in] a room in Washington D.C with a room full of loving humans and young minds that…” “…This is really, really cool that we can be here and thank you for coming”



Their set came to a close with their cover of “Ballroom Blitz” by Sweet. The crowd gave it their all, dancing and partially moshing. Toward the ending the crowd was instructed to split into two, preparing for a ‘wall of death’. Lydia went around the crowd holding the microphone to fans, getting the crowd to chant ,“It’s, it’s a ballroom blitz”, before stepping back on stage and enticing the wall of death.

Overall, The Regrettes and Destroy Boys put on one hell of a show that I highly recommend attending before the Come Through tour is over on September 2nd, 2018.


DESTROY BOYS SETLIST                                                                    THE REGRETTES SETLIST
American River                                                                                    I Don’t Like You
Methatonin                                                                                         Hey Now
Gold Medal                                                                                         Come Through
Cattywampus                                                                                      Picture Perfect
Widow                                                                                        Ladylike / WHATTA BITCH
Crybaby                                                                                        A Living Human Girl
Vixen                                                                                                  Red Light
Teenage Lobotomy                                                                            Juicebox Baby
I Threw Glass At My Friends                                                                  Eyes Seashore
Duck Eat Duck                                                                                    World You Won’t Do
The Ballroom Blitz