Lauren Dair is a singer/song writer originally from Anchorage, AK who was able to take her creative vision to the next level after winning a mentoring session with Linkin Park. Dair entered a contest put on by Open Labs, Lenovo, Intel, and Linkin Park and after careful consideration from the band themselves, Lauren was chosen as the winner for month 12.

Working with Mike and Brad was such an amazing experience. They were so kind and really took their time with me to create something better than I could have imagined. Linkin Park was a band that I was obsessed with as a kid, and I remember telling Mike that “twelve-year-old me would be freaking out!” They were real and down-to-earth and created a once in a lifetime experience. I am very thankful for all of their help.

Together they worked on a piece called “Every Little Light,” an uplifting pop tune that reminds you to move forward when you’re falling upon low-times. Mike and Brad spent hours with Lauren, carefully aiding in creating the perfect tone for a song with so much meaning.

“”Every Little Light” is such a special song and is incredibly vulnerable. I really wanted to write something that people could relate to, no matter where they are in their life. When I wrote the song, I myself was going through a rough period and found that writing the song was an extremely cathartic experience. The song is about continuing to move forward even when you feel like it would be easier to give up.

You check out the video of Lauren’s mentoring session below and be sure to keep up with Lauren on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Sound Cloud!