What inspired your journey as a music photographer at such a young age?

When I was younger I was kind of all over the place with what I wanted to do. I was very confused as to what I was meant to do but always felt like my place was in art of some form. As I got older I ended up being very influenced by music. I suffer from very bad anxiety and music was always my calm and when I was 13 I found I had a major love for photography but it felt like something was missing almost because I felt like I was supposed to be in music. So I ended up looking up concert photography and it hit me that that was in fact what I wanted to do. Fast forward a couple months and I had tickets to my first show and after that, the deal was sealed I had to be in music. I went to a show at a small venue that use to be in my city called Ziggy’s and it just all stuck with me because it made me feel like I belonged and it gave me the motivation and inspiration to move forward with this dream I had.

Who were some of your major influences growing up?

My family definitely was because it seems we all have artist streaks of some sort. Both of my parents have very creative minds and that had an impact on me for sure with photography. I would say the musical impact came from my uncle and great grandmother. my great grandma use to have a record player I played with when I was little and that was the first time I would say i felt a small tug at my love for music and my uncle use to take me out with him to hear him sing a lot and that was my first somewhat experience with live music that I can really remember and stuck with me and I think played a big part in my love for concerts.    

What were some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned since you started?

That I had to learn to not be so tense about things! Things don’t always go as planned in the music world and you have to be able to go with the flow and for someone with anxiety that was a really hard thing for me to truly understand at first. But the biggest thing for me that I have learned so far has been that things change in this world a lot and you can’t dwell on those changes forever.

What’s your most prized accomplishment to date in the music world?

That’s a tough one! I would say it’s a tie between getting on as a photographer and writer with my Australian publication HEAVY and getting the opportunity to shoot Carolina Rebellion at 16.  

What skills have you picked up or honed in on over the years?

To always adapt and work with what you have. Shows are all different and you never know what will happen so being able to adapt to things was something I needed practice on and concerts definitely helped me with that.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

I hope to photograph Rockin’ New Year’s Eve New Orleans this December and fingers crossed Bring Me The Horizon since they influenced me so much and have been on my bucket list since I started and I have yet to see them live.

What’s your main piece of advice to those who are just looking to pick up concert photography?

Just go for it! Go out and try it. Go shoot a local band or ask permission at a small venue. Test the waters and see what you think of it because it is honestly one of the coolest things to do and experience. You’re seeing things from a totally different perspective and its kind of an incredible thing to do and it’s very different from most types of photography.

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