Savannah Lee

How long have you been doing photography for? 

With a photo pass, ever since March 2016, but I initially started photography in December 2015. 

What made you want to pursue it? 

From meeting photographers I’ve looked up to for years, to all of the AltPress posters on my wall, one day it clicked and I said “I want to do that!” and here I am, haha. 

What’s the most difficult part of your career been so far? 

The most difficult part would have to be waiting for approval on shows I really want, or getting a band to take a chance on me and being able to move higher up as a photographer. 

Do you have favorite show you’ve shot? What is it? 

So far, one of my most favorites was Bring Me the Horizon in March this year, that was a total dream come true for me. 

Is there a show you’d love to shoot again? 

I’d love to do Warped Tour again, I shot with a photo pass this year but only for the Orlando date. I’d love to shoot multiple days as there’s so many artists to cover. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

My style, I’m still figuring out myself. I would like to say its strong clarity black and white shots, or vivid color shots. There’s no real way to describe it, it changes depending on the show. 

Has being a woman in your field been difficult for you? Have you dealt with any effects on sexism in your career? How did you handle it? 

I’ve never personally gotten backlash for being a woman in the industry, the most comments I get are about my age and how I’m so young to be doing this. I know several friends however, who have suffered sexism in the industry and I feel bad for them. It shouldn’t exist, we’re all equal doing what we love and creating. 

What other photographers have had a big impact on you? 

Some of my biggest photography inspirations are Ashley Osborn, Grizzlee Martin, and Ryan Watanabe, among many others. 

Best work you’ve ever done? 

Anything from this year I feel is some of my best work, I’ve really grown as an photographer this year. 

Any advice for aspiring photographers? 

Honestly, people always say start small with local shows, I never did that. After a few months of shooting at a local church because their lighting was similar to most concerts I attend, I shot my first “big” show which was the Tonight Alive and Set it Off show. I’d say networking is a major part of it, always getting to know up and coming bands and trying to work with them when they come to town.