Savannah Lee Rowley

What made you decide to get into photography? 

I love capturing people doing what they love while doing what I love. I love how moments that mean the most can be captured and cherished due to these cameras and technology today. 

Was there a specific moment when you realized you loved it? 

I don’t think it really hit that I loved it until Warped Tour in Orlando this past summer. My press pass was didn’t go through so I was shooting from barricade all day and I photographed Sleeping with Sirens and one of my most favorite shots of Kellin Quinn he posted on Twitter, which was huge for me. In that moment of taking photos of my favorite band, it was pure bliss – a dream come true and I knew I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. 

Why Music Photography in particular? 

Ever since I was 14 (I’m 17 now), I’ve been collecting AltPress posters and hanging them all around my room, I must have at least a hundred. Day after day I’d look up and admire the photos for the beauty they were of the musicians I looked up to, then one day I said “I want to be the one that takes these photos.” It started from there when I got my first DSLR as a Christmas present last December. 

What do you find to be the hardest part of it? 

The hardest part is everyone wanting the same show so you have to make sure your request doesn’t overlap with someone else’s, and that there’s adequate time for the request to be processed – then of course getting those dream shots in an average of 10 minutes (first 3 songs). 

Has being a woman in music been more difficult for you? Have you felt any sexism in your career? 

I haven’t felt that my gender has affected where I stand in the music industry because I surround myself with positive influences and people respect and admire that. 

I personally have never been affected by sexism, it’s never hindered me in my career, but I know friends who have been affected by it. 

When it comes to your photography, do you have a personal style or something you especially like to do with your photos? How did you come across this? 

Mostly I just use a lot of clarity when it comes to post-editing, to make images sharper and more bold. Also when going over a night’s photos I can already picture in my head what I want the edit to look like so it helps me when I go to edit the photos. I’ve never had a serious “style” of editing in my opinion because my photos are always changing. 

Favourite thing you’ve done so far? 

Probably Sleeping with Sirens on the End the Madness Tour or Skillet at Rock the Universe in Universal Studios. 

Are there any photographers who really inspire you? 

Some of my biggest inspirations are Ashley Osborn, Grizzlee Martin, and Adam Elmakias who I’ve luckily had the pleasure of meeting. I feel Ashley is a legend in the industry for women to look up to and say, “She made it and so can I!” All the photographers I’ve mentioned vary in skills between portraiture to Live Photos, and never fail to impress. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers? 

I’ve been asked several times since I started photography around a year ago about the gear I use, what I recommend, and how I got started. I didn’t do what most photographers say and started local, I looked up photographers who were popular among magazines and saw where they contributed and applied to those publications. I originally only started out in music journalism, actually. My advice would be, if needed to start from the bottom and work your way up. For every no, you’re close to a yes. Don’t give up, your time will come when you least expect it.

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