Rosario Gutierrez

How long have you been shooting for? 
I have been shooting in general for 9 years but music photographer for 6 years. 

What made you decide to pursue music photography as a career? 
I used to be in a program after school for photography. We were to look up a photographer and talk about their work. My friend suggested I looked in to Ryan Russell because he for the most part shot bands I listened to. Absolutely loved his work and wished to one day be able to shoot. Also the passion some bands showed on stage pushed me on that direction when I would go to concerts. 

What was the most challenging/difficult part for you? 
There is so many amazing music photographers. Therefore, comparing myself to photographers at times. I don’t do it often, but when I do I think to myself “wow wish I could have gotten that” especially if I had shot the same show as the person. Then I remind myself that there is different variables that come into play when shooting . 

What is your favorite show you’ve ever shot? 
My favorite show I’ve shot has to be the underoath reunion tour in 2016. Loved the vibes throughout the whole show. 

Is there a show you’d like to shoot again? 
Definitely that underoath reunion tour again . 

How would you describe your personal style? 
I feel like my personal style changes a lot I don’t know exactly what it is if I do have one . It tends to change once I learn something new. 

Has being a woman in your field been difficult on you? Have you dealt with any effects on sexism in your career? 
I personally feel as a female music photographer that people assume you are in it for the wrong reasons. Sometimes it seems like things would be different if I was a male instead. Might have more opportunities than I have had. 

One time I went into shoot a show and I was told I was not allowed to go in the photo pit even though I had the credentials because I “might” get hurt. Later saw a guy in the photo pit, the security guard saw me and said “well since the other photographer made it I guess you can go in but not all the way in”. Felt like it was a gender thing more than anything. I have also been asked if I was sleeping with someone in the band because I was on tour with them. 

What other photographers have had a big impact on you? 
I feel like a lot of photographers have had an impact on me in a different way. I live in the same city as Ashley Osborn, so watching her hustle every show motivated me to keep shooting a lot and hustle. 

Favorite work you’ve ever done? 
My favorite work I’ve done might have to be on my first tour I did just a few weeks ago. Being able to shoot whole sets allowed me to capture things I would have not if I was only to shoot three songs. 

Any advice for aspiring photographers? 
Just keep shooting. Shoot your locals , just shoot . Shooting from the crowd is better than not shooting at all. This helps you build a portfolio. Make connections. You honestly don’t know what that can land you if you constant shoot the same band.