How long have you been shooting for? 
Come this July, I will have been shooting shows for 4 years now. 

Was there a specific moment that made you want to pursue photography as a career? 
When I first shot a show, and I saw the positive responses I was receiving regarding my work, it gave me a feeling of joy that I had never experienced before so I decided I was going to chase that feeling. 

What’s the most difficult part of your career been so far? 
Probably keeping my skills fresh and trying to be innovative. I go through periods where I hardly shoot and I cant find any motivation to do so, and with music being such a fast paced area of photography, theres always new techniques/styles that I try to keep up with and sometimes cant. 

What is your favorite show you’ve ever shot? 
Definitely Linkin Park & AFI, it was incredible to finally shoot/experience two bands that I’ve been listening to since middle school for the first time. 

Is there a show you’d like to shoot again? 
I’ll always want to shoot letlive or Enter Shikari when they pass through Florida since they’re my favorite bands. 

How would you describe your personal style? 
I’d like to consider my shooting/editing style fairly clean. I really do need to experiment more, now that we’re talking about it haha. 

Has being a woman in your field been difficult for you? Have you dealt with any effects on sexism in your career? How did you handle it? 
I’ve definitely experienced my fair share of misogyny in my field, but i’m the type of person to challenge a problem head on, so when a situation like that comes up, I generally diffuse it myself and move past it. 

What other photographers have had a big impact on you? 
From the beginning, I’ve always looked up to Ashley Osborn (as many other women in the field do too) she’s always impressed me with her consistency in style/editing as well as just her overall eye for detail. Another two artists would have to be Kara Smarsh and Casey Lee. I have never seen a photo put out by those two that I haven’t completely loved. They’re incredible artists and from my experiences, all around wonderful people. 

Favorite work you’ve ever done? 
Personally, shooting portraits of Jason Butler or Jonny Craig would have to be tied. They’re both some of my favorite vocalists and to have the opportunity to work with them was a pleasure. 

Any advice for aspiring photographers? 
Honestly, don’t stop shooting. It sounds cliche, it sounds like a tacky slogan on a t shirt, but really, if you want to improve and hone your skills to the best of your ability, never put your camera down.