Marcia Zeledon

How long have you been doing photography for? 

I actually started doing photography less than a year ago! Pretty crazy, I won a contest with Think TEI to get a free photography class with Ashley Osborn and I participated and put forth the examples of what to do into use. Beginning August 2016 I officially started going to local shows and the photography took off with my first big show shooting Asking Alexandria in Ft. Lauderdale November of 2016. The rest has been solid ever since and I’m looking forward to recapping my year this coming November. 

What made you want to pursue it? 

One thing a person can take for granted is memories and time. I myself love to take photos because it preserves a moment in time and you never know what tomorrowholds. I learned this a very hard way and so not to take for granted of many things I try as much as possible to take photos of everything. Memories are so precious and a constant reminder that this period in time did happen. Once it’s time to look back on something you can actually look and treasure an image for life. 

What’s the most difficult part of your career been so far? 

When you are actually shooting. I know this sounds weird but nonetheless every show is different and you have to be prepared for ANYTHING to happen. You have to be light on your toes and go with the wind and typically you can shoot the first three songs in a set and that would be it. In the matter of 15 anything could happen in the time frame and you have to go with the flow. 

Do you have favorite show you’ve shot? What is it? 

This is a split between the middle. I have a local venue here in Miami called Open Stage club and I shot two bands there that are a great time, Sunghosts and Top tier. I try my best to not miss their shows because they have such great energy and they are fun overall to shoot. I even had the pleasure to photograph behind the scenes photos for Top Tier’s music video. 

My tie for this would also be Silent Planet. I got to go with my friend and fellow photographer Nicole Stephens to Orlando and shoot Silent Planet at backbooth. The show was completely sold out and the energy and live performances were insane. I would 10/10recommend. 

Is there a show you’d love to shoot again? 

Of course, I got to shoot Trash Boat with New Found Glory a few months back and by far I am sold that I will not be missing them in the future. They were pop punk dream come to life and they really won a crowd over for an international band being the opener. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

My style of photography would be slightly edgy. I am a huge sucker for lights and anything that adds a certain darkness so to speak. At the end I prefer to have some edge and strong contrast but also some blendability to balance the photos when it comes to live events. To be able to feel a mood when looking at a photo is what I’m trying to achieve. 

Has being a woman in your field been difficult for you? Have you dealt with any effects on sexism in your career? How did you handle it? 

It does get difficult from time to time because as a woman you get underestimated. In general, you get doubted for your talent, for being able to deliver results and being firm and standing your ground. Since I started with photography I’ve had some people not take me seriously when I dedicate to what I’m trying to achieve, saying I’m wasting my time and should work toward a practical life. Another situation is when I provided a picture for a group of people to use, my photos got altered and also un-credited. I’ve also had a complete opposite end of the spectrum where a security guard wanted to get my contact information not for what I was working on but to get at me.I am not really a person who sits there and takes anything so the first situation I had confronted the person in charged of the media group to credit me and to state that going forward anything and everything from my work gets credited before legal matters go ahead into play. As for the security guard I had to dismiss him and now he no longer looks my way. Not upset at all but I was not there to gain someones attention, I was there to put in work. 

What other photographers have had a big impact on you? 

I’ve always been inspired by my closer photographer friends. I have two friends really who I call photo-senpai’s haha. One is Yvette Vasquez and again, Nicole Stephens like I had mentioned before. Always seeing them put in their work and time to their craft is admirable and when I finally decided to kick my butt into gear they have been nothing but supportive. 

Best work you’ve ever done? 

My photos from Trash Boat’s set are my personal favorites to date as well as some of the behind the scenes photos I took for Top Tier’s music video shoot. 

Any advice for aspiring photographers? 

Yes, never feel that you are not capable of doing something as wonderful as this craft. I always doubted myself and finally kicked my butt into gear made a huge difference. Also do everything you do with love and passion. It can be photos of a local band or Metallica ( I wish ) but nonetheless do everything you do with the right heart and mind and positive attitude and everything will fall right into place before you know it, you can take it from me.