Kurt Cuffy


When or what in your life made you decide to peruse photography as a career? Was it something you always say yourself doing or did you have other plans? 

I was always very into the way movies were shot and the tones used in certain scenes so I was visually drawn to it. Then one spring when I was working yet another retail job which I didn’t mind cause I was working at a computer store (I’m a huge nerd). I got my tax return, did a ton of research, asked a lot of questions and ultimately bought a Canon Mark II and a 50mm 1.8 to start documenting. 

How long have you been shooting for? 

I’ve been shooting for almost four year as of May. 

For you, what has been the most challenging part of your career? 

The most challenging part of my career is the never ending will to keep at it and to always do the best I can. 

What was your favorite show to shoot? 

Favourite show was definitely watching my best friends in Movements play a one off from the Senses Fail tour in Hamden, CT! We all didn’t know what to expect but as soon as they rung out kids rushed the stage and we knew it was LIT. 

Is there a show you’d like to shoot again? Why? 

I’d really like to shoot Every Time I Die again just in general. Cause they rule. 

Describe your personal style. How did you find what you liked? Did anyone influence you? 

I don’t think I really have a definitive style other than some grain. Which some may see as concerning but honestly I edit most photos differently and post what I like. I ain’t trying to impress a certain demographic. I’m trying to impress myself. 

What other photographers or artists have had a large impact on you? 

As for huge impact again not too many BUT I do find a solid friend in Jonathan Kemp who’s another incredible music photographer. We try to call each other anytime we feel like it’s been too long. Speaking of which….. 

Do you have advice for aspiring photographers? 

I advise you do what works for you. Be yourself. Stay in your lane. There’s enough opportunity for all of us just practice hard and show up ready to crush it. 

Have you been personally effected by sexism in the music industry? How did you handle it? Explain. 

Sexism no, racism yes! I handle it as I do every other day of my life, work hard to prove ‘em wrong! Also living by the rule of no matter friend or stranger, joke or not. Just brush it off cause who cares haha 

What do you personally do or think you should do to bridge the gap of gender inequality in the music industry? 

I’ve personally always tried to encourage the powerful women I know in the music scene. Knowing that with growing up around two sisters I naturally gravitate to being closer with my girl friends. I’m constantly sharing/spreading the message that we’re all equal. Also calling out guys on sexist actions. Honestly ya’ll are often doing the most and I can safely say that all my favourite photographers are woman and my best friend Michelle B (who I’d probably Disintegrate without) proves to me all the time that age and sex don’t matter. Cause she SLAYS. 

Lastly, would be your advice to women looking to join the industry? 

Ladies. In my books you got nothing to prove. What you’re doing is overkill to us and I honestly love every second of it. But most of all keep encouraging each other cause I can’t wait until it’s no longer “weird” to have a girl in the van.