Courtney Robbins

How did you first discover you enjoyed photography? 

It started out as I would just do it for fun. I had one of those digital cameras that everyone would take to middle school dances. I liked to take photos for fun just to document certain moments so I would have something to look back on but I didn’t really know much about photography at all. 

Was there a moment that made you want to pursue it as a career? 

I don’t actually think there was a specific moment. It was just something I liked so I just kept doing and well here I am. 

How would you describe your style of photography? 

I do think a lot my photos contain a kind of washed out/desaturated matte look but that could change over time. I just edit and post what I think looks good to me. 

Who are some of your favorite photographers/photographers who inspire you? 

Thomas Falcone is actually a very big inspiration of mine. I always look at his work & look up to him very much as photographer. I also really enjoy work from Ryan Watanabe, Ashly Nicole, and Kurt Cuffy. Recently I’ve decided to branch out from concert photography more and try to get more creative. I saw some work done by Brandon Woelfel and got inspired to try some of what he does. He has so much bokeh and he has so much color. I love it all! 

Why music photography? 

Aside from loving music, I find it to be challenging. I love a challenge because it lets me push myself and see how far I can go. There’s a lot going on at once on a stage so it really teaches you to be quick to get the shots you want. Aside from that there’s so many different lighting situations. A lot of photos look like they can’t be fixed or saved but they definitely can! You can’t salvage them all though. 

Favorite thing you’ve done so far photography wise? 

Some of the more recent shoots I’ve done around Christmas because they had so much bokeh. 

Have you felt that being a female photographer in the music industry held you back in any way? Have you experienced any sexism? 

I don’t think being a female is holding me back, it’s more of I have to work twice as hard to prove myself to people. As for experiencing it, yes. I think everyone is going to see or experience sexism at some point to some degree. I’m always having to explain myself to security as to what I doing there. Like this is my career dude! 

Lastly, do you have any advice for aspiring photographers? 

Focus on what you’re doing. Try not to focus on everyone else because comparison with kill you. Think about what you can do to improve and make yourself better. Don’t give up when things get hard for you, take a break but keep pushing yourself. Look at where you are now, take note of that. Then look back in a year and see how far you’ve come. You might not be where you want to be but you will get there. Also be nice to people, even when they’re not so nice to you.

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